Nano Machine Strokes (3 Day) | February 11 - 13

3 Day Advanced Machine Training for current Microblading or PMU Artist Only

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This advanced 3 day course teaches you how to create delicate hair stroke techniques with a device that will allow you to give your clients longer lasting results with less trauma to the skin.


Day 1

Focus Topics: Client Suitability, Creating Brow Symmetry and Pigment Selection:

•Contraindications and skin tone
•Understanding facial structure
•Brow Mapping and symmetry
•Eyebrow design exercises

•Perfect shape drawing using a ruler

Additional Topics: Perfect Stroke Creation, Stroke Pattern Practice, and Needle selection

•Understanding the perfect needle choice
•Appropriate needle length, machine speed , etc.
•Different hair stroke patterns (Various techniques for custom brow creation. Step by step strokes schemes.
•“Brows made simple” stroke technique breakdown
•Practicing stroke patterns on various textures.


Practice, practice and more practice! Complete assigned worked.

Day 2

Lecture and Activity Exercise

•Mapping exercises to build eyebrows
•“Just Breathe Through It” Exercise
•Perfecting stroke patterns on latex
•Perfecting stroke /needle depth
•Second pass stroke practice (tracing original strokes without going outside lines)

Step by Step Procedure

•Full service breakdown
•Discussion of client pain level, after care, safety and sanitation practices

•Live Demo by Senior Instructor Maya Moore


Practice and more Practice in preparation for Live Model Practical Day

Day 3

Practical training with oversight of your instructor on your model. You must bring your own model, or one can be provided for a small fee.

Homework Review

Homework review will determine if each student is ready for live models. IF HOMEWORK IS NOT SUFFICIENT, MODEL PRACTICAL AND CERTIFICATION WILL BE DELAYED.

•Live model practical
•Discussion of training and Q&A
•Issuing of certificates

After the Training

•Continued support and mentoring
•Job shadowing opportunities available
•Review of healed work
•Apprenticeship opportunities available

Training Kit

The advanced training kit is complete with the following list below:

Kit Includes:

•24 carat Tattoo Machine
•Needle cartridges
•Perma-blend Pigments
•Anesthetic Cream
•Anesthetic Gel
•Japanese Brow Pencils
•Blade Sharpener
•After Care packets
•Pigment cups
•Pigment trays
•Eyebrow Shaver/Razor
•Surgical Markers
•Microfiber brushes
•Forehead Adhesive Ruler
•Practice Latex Skin
•Student Manual & Workbook


Your Instructor

Maya Moore
Maya Moore
  • PMU Brow Master Artist and Senior Educator of The Microblading Institute
  • Bachelors in Communications and Marketing
  • 23 years of Brow and Makeup Artist Experience
  • 15 years as a Licensed Esthetician
  • 9 Certifications in Permanent Makeup
  • Served 1000's of clients, and trained 1000's of students nationally and internationally.
  • Specializes in 3D eyebrow simulation using manual and machine techniques to create beautiful, seamless looking eyebrows.


“I care about everyone receiving the great training that they deserve and ultimately producing quality artists. I want to share with you all the knowledge I have gained related to the theory of semi permanent cosmetics and prepare you to take your next steps in becoming a microblading artist”


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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
We offer multiple class dates, so make sure you choose the best course that fits your schedule. Each Strokes and Shading For Beginners course is comprised of an online microblading theory course with a stroke evaluation. Once you pass you attend a 4 day in person training.
Can I use the MI certification in my state?
The MI Certification can be used in any U.S. State.
Are refunds available if I am not happy or if I am unable to attend the course?
Deposits and payments for courses, training and services are non refundable .